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Arch Notion Pvt. Ltd. is a company which laid its foundations in 2009, has always been a pioneer of progress and change.

Arch Notion Pvt. Ltd. (ANL) was invested with an office as a result of the experience gained by Patron-in- Chief during his association with Government and semi Government Departments and to have a well establish consultancy firm in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Development that could benefit from and enhance the professional excellence of indigenous blood for the sake of larger national interest.

Your Best Architecture Company Inc.

Arch Notion offers, under the unfathomed managerial excellence of incumbent professionals, a complete ambit of consultancy services for projects in public as well as the private sector and, by virtue of vast experience and knowhow of the associated professionals. It is emerging as a prominent firm for providing consultancy services and trainings to NGO’s and Public sector organizations for various projects in both of the aforementioned areas.

Arch Notion Who has always increased its graph of success with its world-class architectural, town planning and engineering staff continues to succeed by carrying out the projects in Pakistan.

The projects which ARCH NOTION can successfully implement include Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contracts as well as Residential Complexes including towns and housing schemes design, Renovation, Hospitals, Private & Public sector construction works.

10 years of undefeated Success

ANL was founded in 2009 by Architect Farmanullah khan & Sohaibullah . ANL is a studio for sustainable architecture, futuristic concepts, unique designs and urbanism. Since  the team have focused on working on projects nationally and internationally where we can direct the project in line with our philosophy and add a unique value.








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Architectural Design
Interior Design
Landscape Design
Town Planning
Infrastructure Designing
Structural Design

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In order to use the construction team with the perfect knowledge and Experience, we work with highly specialized subcontractors and traders.

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