Site identification and appraisal

Concept layout and design

Planning, design and management

Architectural design

MARCH 18, 2017

Arch Notion Pvt. Ltd. was invested with an office as a result of the experience gained by Patron-in- Chief during his association with Communication and Works Department and to have a well establish consultancy firm in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Development that could benefit from and enhance the professional excellence of indigenous blood for the sake of larger national interest.

Arch Notion offers, under the un-fathomed managerial excellence of incumbent professionals, a complete ambit of consultancy services for projects in public as well as the private sector and, by virtue of vast experience and know-how of the associated professionals. It is emerging as a prominent firm for providing consultancy services and trainings to NGO’s and Public sector organizations for various projects in both of the aforementioned areas.

Arch Notion Who has always increased its graph of success with its world-class architectural and engineering staff continues to succeed by carrying out the projects in Pakistan.

The projects which ARCH NOTION can successfully implement include Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contracts as well as Residential Complexes, Renovation, Hospitals, Private & Public sector construction works.

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Project List

MARCH 19, 2017

Design Projects

  • Provision of Architecture/Design Services for “Establishment of WPC & MDGs Resource Center at Provincial Assembly of KP Peshawar” (UNDP Project)
  • Design proposal for football stadium in Chitral
  • Design proposal for football stadium in Chitral
  • Town Planning of Al-Faisal Enclave
  • Design of Hotel at Gilgit
  • Town Planning of Gulberg at Darya Khan
  • Designing of Al-Noor heights (Basement, Ground+6 Apartment building)
  • Designing of Greenstar office interior at warsak road Peshawar
  • Designing of Abu Talha Hajj & travelers office interior
  • Designing of Resource center at FATA Secretariat Peshawar interior
  • Designing of residences at Islamabad, Peshawar and Charsadda

Construction Projects

  • Construction of camp site at Jhimpir Road Karachi
  • Laying of PTCL optical fiber in sectors A, B, C & D at DHA-V, Islamabad
  • Greenstar office renovation works at warsak road Peshawar
  • Resource center at FATA Secretariat Peshawar

Fields of Activity

MARCH 19, 2017

ARCH NOTION offers a full range of multi‐professional Architectural services sewed to the special needs of clients. Modern and innovative in outlook, we aim to provide clients with integrated, cost‐effective and practical advice. Aware of the cost benefit analysis of the developmental schemes, our priority is to complete projects without time and cost overruns.

Complete optimized Architectural & Engineering solutions is our strength as we are able to perform with excellence, from initial feasibility to project completion, on complex projects and our long experience in all aspects of the development process, helps us work more effectively with local and statutory authorities and with other professionals such as planners, architects, landscape architects, economists and surveyors.

The professionally sound incumbent staff, working in a professionally innovative environment, delivers a professional, prompt and friendly service. We are striving for engineering excellence with no compromise on quality and on maintaining professional standards. Our nationwide network gives clients the benefit of a local point of contact backed by country office with access to extensive computing, management and communication systems.

  • Site identification and appraisal
  • Concept layout and design
  • Planning, design and management
  • Architectural design

Economic, aesthetic and durable construction is the goal slogan of ARCH NOTION as such it provides the professional and technical skills to plan design and supervise the construction of a wide range of structures. We entertain our clients with the best services both as employed engineers and as design and construct.

Success in the milieu of design and development depends on effective teamwork of the incumbent specialists as such it is an our utmost priority to ensure a coordinated approach to design concepts and details leading to integrated construction solutions to cover a wide range of disciplines extending well beyond the traditional role of the structural engineer.


Checking of structural integrity and detailed structural design all type of structures especially buildings and ware houses, drainage and flood control structures, earth retaining structures and water retaining structures.

Preparation of contract document and Construction supervision

Full range of professional and technical skills regarding structural advice during the design of hospital buildings plus experienced site supervision and project management during construction has been developed by ARCH NOTION to solve the unique problems of hospital and health outlets.

  • Feasibility studies, concept layout and design, master planning
  • Detailed Structural planning and design, contract document preparation and construction supervision

Cost‐effective and practical environmental solutions to the highest standards are something that makes our teams’ expertise conspicuous on the horizon of service providers. Based on the philosophy of technical excellence and total commitment to our clients’ needs, our unique strength is the ability to balance environmental, economic and technical and policy issues.

Operating within a formal quality management system of national and international standards, ARCH NOTION deals with projects from problem definition to the implementation of effective solutions. Close working links with other environmental professionals, such as economists, chemists, biologists and ecologists, allow us to call on additional support from specialists in associated fields whenever required.

  • Environmental impact assessment; Risk assessment, Risk Management and Risk Analysis
  • Environmental modeling and design
  • Remedial and control measures

ARCH NOTION has gained a profound experience in water engineering and team has the creative, technical and commercial skills, coupled with extensive construction and project management expertise, to produce practical, cost‐effective and integrated solutions. To ensure our projects entertain the client’s needs and expectations, ARCH NOTION operates a formal quality management system of national and international standards.

  • Waste Water and Effluent Treatment
  • Flood Control and Drainage
  • River improvement works
  • Water Treatment and supply
  • Hydrology and hydro geological investigations

Quality professional input is vital to ensure the efficient and safe movement of people and goods with reduced congestion and improved environment. ARCH NOTION provide practical solutions based on state‐of‐the‐art technology with a particular strength to balance engineering and planning expertise with environmental, economic and political issues at all stages of projects.

ARCH Notions’ professionals have worked with high profile clients in both the public and private sectors for many years as such they have gained up to date knowledge of the present transportation techniques with powerful set of design and consultancy capabilities ranging from feasibility to completion stage, of express ways, major highways, and rural & urban roads.

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Demand forecasting and modeling
  • Feasibility studies, planning surveys
  • Infrastructure and operational planning
  • Operational economic and environmental evaluation
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Project implementation/supervision
  • Integrated transport strategy
  • System appraisal
  • Highway appraisal

ARCH NOTION is conspicuous by its pool of experts that have proven track record of hand on expertise in field of social and Participatory community development. ARCH NOTION has involved the community in identifying, formulating studies for demand driven projects to the mark of satisfaction of the donors, client and ultimate stakeholders and has provided the consulting services to the clients in some areas as inked hereunder:


The professional and well experienced staff had conducted numerous studies from design and development of comprehensive policy programs to strengthening and capacity building institutions as per the needs of the institutions; a few are mentioned hereunder:

  • Training needs assessment of institutions,
  • Preparing training plans and modules,
  • To arrange training programs and identifying training institution for Institutional
  • Strengthening Capacity building

ARCH NOTION with its specialists is capable of carrying out all community development related activities as well as providing consultancy services like,

  • Information dissemination and public awareness,
  • Formulating & organizing community members,

Capacity building for planning, monitoring, implementing, operating and maintaining through a sustainable way using participation approach.

ARCH NOTION is capable of carrying out all gender development related activities with special emphasis on women development activities as well as providing consultant services in the areas of gender development through various tools like empowerment of women through awareness programs; micro credit linkage development and appropriate house hold technology programs.


Our well experienced staff carries out studies, surveys and assessment using proven & tested methodologies through participatory approaches.

  • Household surveys
  • Community socioeconomic surveys
  • Social assessment
  • Community needs assessment
  • Natural & manmade disaster assessment studies
  • Benefit monitoring and evaluation (BME)
  • Third party validation
  • Community participatory plan
  • Community action plan
  • Development of indicators for M & E

ARCH NOTION has dedicated team of GIS and MIS specialists with a vast experience in the application of MIS. Expertise in the operation and implementation of systems through which data is collected, stored and analyzed is fundamental for decision‐making as such matured software engineering and management practices help provide the best solutions and services within schedule and at affordable cost.

Services regarding map production, data analysis, visual representation, 3D modeling, web‐based GIS systems, movie files, spatial analysis, data conversion, aerial and satellite interpretation, GPS data capture and surveying are provided to the mark of satisfaction of varied clients.


Managing a large, complex project is never easy. It usually places additional demands on your time, resources and budgets. Successful project delivery requires strong project management and leadership, and team members with the right talents and relevant skills.

ARCH NOTION help clients by providing trained specialists to complement their project team. When, and where necessary, ARCH NOTION provides industry‐experienced project managers for ensuring the timely and successful implementation of the projects.

Advice can cover location, type of facility, construction needs, potential risk factors and resource planning. Program and cost targets, activities and interfaces are all closely monitored so that potential problems are identified early and prompt corrective action is taken. We place great emphasis on controlling and managing change, and each project is managed proactively to prevent it developing its own inertia.

No matter how large or complex your project is, ARCH NOTION project management specialists are capable of supporting your needs. ARCH NOTION project management specialists have attained Institute of Project Management accreditation.

Project management comprises the management of all that is involved in achieving a project’s objectives safely and within agreed time, cost, technical, quality and other performance criteria. Services provided by our experienced specialist staff include:


Special mentoring options are also available to train and support current management staff and assist them with their needs in developing or managing a project or program.

This includes the creation and conduct of workshops covering issues such as project management and teamwork utilizing experiential learning in workplace simulation workshops. They are interactive and fun.


Understanding and effectively defining organizations business requirements is a core service provided by ARCH NOTION. By analyzing current business processes and comparing these with organizational direction and future requirements, ARCH NOTION experienced team is able to define a gap analysis and proceed to detail specific business requirements.


The best software in the world, implemented in record time and on budget may still result in project failure if the users choose not to use it. Managing change during projects is the way of bringing the “hearts and mind on board”.

Key change management strategies must be implemented and effectively communicated and distributed thought‐out the wider stakeholder community – in parallel to the project management Gantt chart.

ARCH NOTION assists organizations in developing and executing change management strategies that ensure:

  • Optimal project and stakeholder communication
  • Fear and surprise is replaced with knowledge and awareness
  • Learning and education requirements are complete and effective
  • Ongoing support and learning strategies are implemented
  • Avenues of feedback are developed and open from day one

ARCH NOTION brings vast experiences in organizational change management (OCM). Our consultants adhere to ARCH NOTION’s OCM methodology and develop rigorous business engagement strategies to minimize impact of transitions.


BPM is the ability to see and control all parts of a long‐lived, multi‐step information request or transaction that spans multiple applications and people in one or more companies.

BPM means harnessing and enhancing the value of business processes within extended enterprise, no matter who they involve.

A BPM solution is a graphical productivity tool for modeling, integrating, monitoring, and optimizing process flows of all sizes, crossing any application, company boundary, or human interaction.

To become a world‐class project management consulting practice, ARCH NOTION has invested in research and development of a proven methodology known as the ARCH NOTION deliverance Framework (DDF).

Unlike conventional methodologies, the DDF is business‐case centric and integrates systems development and delivery processes congruent to its ISO9001 certified quality system. The methodology draws heavily on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) and Prince 2.

Typically, ARCH NOTION project managers would adopt and adhere to clients existing methodology to ensure alignment with concurrent initiatives, and supplement them with elements of the DDF as required.

We bring vast experiences in organizational change management (OCM). ARCH NOTION consultants adhere to PMP Standard methodology and develop rigorous business engagement strategies to minimize impact of transitions.

Our Services


  • To ensure customer’s loyalty and satisfaction by offering quality and reliable services on the preferences of customer’s expectation and requirement
  • To be market leader organization in the sector by expanding our services and loyal customer’s purse.


ARCH NOTION with its architectural and business experience, experienced staff and latest technology and with a management board, who aims the best, considers the providing of services in the sector as a superior duty. It accepts activities and works which aim continuance in the sector, carries professional responsibility and generates science based services beyond questions and has acquired improving and protecting of its employers’ economic, occupational, managerial and social rights and benefits as principle.

Our Approaches

MARCH 18, 2017

ARCH NOTION performs the necessary studies within the academic field and the sector to follow the improvements in the technical issues and attempts to cooperate with public and private organizations. ARCH NOTION is a consultant firm which has transformed its knowledge, specific manpower and fixed assets into a process of production with the help of technology to serve humanity.

ARCH NOTION’s objective; is to create employment, to transform investments into economy and saving and using today’s latest technology, providing services with prestige and make community able to gain.

Our company, is a known Consultant firm within the sector which has an understanding of the properties of constantly improving, providing the appropriate legal provisions and regulations, focus on customer satisfaction, latest technology, compatible with community, customers, fulfilling obligations to its employees, to increase customer satisfaction by identifying customer needs according to the developments within the sector and based on solid relationships with the customers and employees who set with a variety of training and experience in the development of a quality.


MARCH 18, 2017

Our managers include their employees in decision-making processes and communication between managers and employees is marked by politeness, respect and trust. The behavior of our managers should set an example to the employees entrusted to them.

Rizwan Ullah Khan

Honorary Chairman

Farman Ullah Khan


Sohaib Ullah


Habib Ullah


The high performance and quality expectations followed by the entire company are also placed on our employees. The safeguarding of jobs is a high priority for us as well as a fair system of remuneration. We promote our employees’ personal and professional competence. Creative freedom is just as important as a readiness to express as well as to accept fair criticism. We see to the protection of the company’s intellectual and material property. Our behavior should be marked by mutual respect.

We accord leadership responsibility to those employees who embody the values of our company. We expect our managers to show ingenuity and self-confidence within our company and during missions. Managerial ability derives from personal and professional competences. The commitments to innovations are applied to every part of the company.

ARCH NOTION employs engineering, architectural and management staff experienced in a wide range of discipline.

S.No Name Position Qualification
01 Farman Ullah CEO & Sr. Architect Bachelor of Architecture
02 Sohaib Ullah Principal Architect &Town Planner MS (Urban Planning), Bachelor of Architecture
03 Shakir Ali Khan Town Planner MS (Urban Planning), B.Sc.(City & Regional Planning)
04 Yasir Gulsher Structure Engineer M.Sc. (Structure Engg.), B.Sc. Civil Engineering
05 Usama Arshad Structure Engineer M.Sc. (Structure Engg.),B.Sc. Civil Engineering
06 Muhammad Hubab Architect Bachelor of Architecture
07 Muhammad Usman Architect Bachelor of Architecture
08 Muhammad Aslam Electrical Engineer PhD (Electrical Engg.), M.Sc. (Electrical Engg.), B.Sc. (Electrical Engg.)
09 Khalilullah Electrical Engineer B.Sc. (Electrical)
10 Muhammad Sohail HVAC B.Sc. (Mechanical)
11 Ahmad Zeb Plumbing Engineer B.Sc. Civil Engineering
12 Abid Samad Senior Draftsperson DAE Civil
13 Shah Biland Senior Draftsperson DAE Civil
14 Syed Mujahid Ali Draftsperson DAE Civil
15 Abdullah Safi Autodesk certified 3D Visualizer DAE Architecture
16 Adnan Khan 3D Visualizer DAE Civil
17 Ghufran Ahmad Finance Manager MBA (Finance)

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